Kalymnos Shop – Online shop

///Kalymnos Shop – Online shop

Kalymnos Shop – Online shop

Our will, by creating kalymnos shop, is to offer to all ,the beauties of the island that we grew up and live.

Sponges that hide within them the great history of the kalymnian sponge fisherman.

Herbs that show the splendor of our wasteland.

Honey that has the love and care of its producer apart from the hard work.

Live and share the splendor of our island ,by buying its quality products, for yourself or as gifts.

In whatever corner of the world you live …..you are only a click ,away.


At www.kalymnos-shop.gr you can find natural sponges, pumice and luffah, Kalymnian thyme honey, Kalymnian herbs, jewels, sea shells, books, food and drinks and many more!

We ship worldwide with the lowest shipping cost possible.