Kalymnos Rescue Team

Kalymnos Rescue Team

A rescue team in Kalymnos was the subject of many conversations in the past, initiated mostly by climbers and locals which are familiar with the advantages and benefits of this factor in the sport climbing industry that blooms in Kalymnos.

Climbing and especially in Kalymnos is considered very safe, compared with placed like Thailand (rusty and spaced bolts in most cases). In the safety of the climbing venues in Kalymnos also contributes the fact that the routes are maintained by the local community in regular basis.

Despite the efforts to make Kalymnos the safest climbing venue possible, we can’t exclude the human factor, which is to blame in the most cases, when accidents occur. The rescue team gives to Kalymnos an important safety badge!

The rescue team operates since 2014 and consists of 6 volunteer climbers and 14 volunteers that are trained to assist them. They are trained to approach the climbing crags with or without the use of rope and can provide the necessary first aid if needed.

If anyone needs the help of kalymnos Rescue team he has to call 112 and the rescue team will be alerted.

We at kalymnos Bookings wish all the best for their hard job and difficulties they have to face.