A personal story about Silvio Reffo @ The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013.

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Amazing video from Shiran Maor on Vimeo, enjoy.

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  1. When Simone Moro and Manolo were one of the first ones to climb on the island in the late 90s, the locals thought they were looking for pirate treasure up in the mountains, as climbing was such a foreign concept to them.
  2. The climbers tend to have to share their meals with the local goats as they are prone to raiding their rucksacks during the climbs.
  3. This year’s Kalymnos Climbing Festival is the first time the 6 legends of climbing Ben Moon, Jean-Baptiste Tribout, Yuji Hirayama, Boone Speed, Gerhard Hörhager and Patxi Arocena will climb together.
  4. Every Easter the locals celebrate the holiday with a mixture of fireworks and dynamite explosions up in the hills.
  5. The waters around the island are filled with shipwrecks and World War Two relics, and is subsequently a famous scuba-diving destination.
  6. Italian is the second unofficial language of the island due to having been under rule by them between 1912 and 1945 Kalymnos is a known climbing paradise, but before tourism came to the island the main livelihood for the residents was sponge-diving.
  7. The islands most popular bar has a tree that is decorated with old climbing shoes left by their former users.

  8. Source: http://www.thenorthfacejournal.com/

Here you will find all the final results of the North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2014.

The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2013

The entry route in the Grande Grotta in Kalymnos. The program is the following : power moves on good holds, massive rests on tuffas and incredible scenery... Kalymnos at its best!

Are you ready for the North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2012?


Prizes: 5000€ worth of The North Face Products

Credits: The North Face - StoryTeller Collective.

An epic 72 hours of climbing with some of the best climbers in the world on the beautiful Greek Island of Kalymnos. Thanks to all the climbers who made it, you all made this a huge success.
More on www.kalymnosclimbingfestival.com

A video by North Face.

The FIRST 10 minutes are just an introduction to climbing in Kalymnos ( http://novebi.ning.com/group/kalymnos ):

After one of Adam's tries on Los revolucionarios ( http://novebi.ning.com/group/kalymnos... ), 9a, You can find a short interview to Aris Theodoropoulos and watch Adam climbing onsight 2 8bs (Gaia - http://novebi.ning.com/group/kalymnos... - and Spartan wall - http://novebi.ning.com/group/kalymnos... - ).

Editing: http://www.emilianopoggi.it/


Angelica: http://vimeo.com/10495826

Adam on Lucky Luca extension - http://novebi.ning.com/xn/detail/1389... -, 8c (almost on sight), then Gora Gora Gutarak - http://novebi.ning.com/xn/detail/1389... , on sight:

the first 2 climbers who climbed the route said 8c+, for Adam is "just go or fall" 8c ...

Editing: http://www.emilianopoggi.it/

- "You Are My Rhythm", by RudySeb ( http://www.jamendo.com/it/track/178483 )

Angelica: http://vimeo.com/10495826

In the THIRD part, You'll be like together with Adam trying the moves of a project.

It seemed an interesting line, why not to ceck it out ?

At the end, that project became Los revolucionarios, 9a ( http://novebi.ning.com/kalymnos/forum... ).

You know, maybe a rock is just a piece of rock, but a climbed rock ......... is a piece of ART :-)

Editing: http://www.emilianopoggi.it/

- "Rusty Halo Instrumental", EMU ( http://soundcloud.com/emuuk/emu-rusty... )

If You think all is always easy for Adam, just because he is "Adam Ondra", maybe You'll change idea after having watched this episode ...

Editing: http://www.emilianopoggi.it/

After an epic 72 hours of climbing with some of the best climbers in the world on the beautiful Greek Island of Kalymnos. Thanks to all the climbers who made it, you all made this second edition an even greater success.

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