The composition of Kalymnos' rocks has contributed to the creation of some very interesting caves. These caves present, apart from geological interest archaeological interest as well, as they were inhabited in the past or were used as places of worship. Sixteen caves are accessible in Kalymnos and three of them, the Kefalas cave, the Epta Parthenon (Seven Virgins) cave and the Skalia cave are the ones that are a "must see".

In Kefalas cave you will be impressed by the imposing, 103 meters long, hallway with the huge stalactites and stalagmites. You will also be able to see traces of the worship of Zeus, which is the reason why the cave bears the alternative name 'Cave of Zeus'.

The Epta Parthenon (Seven Virgins) cave is located in the region Flaskas.

The Skalia cave - or St. John's cave - is located in Massouri, at about one kilometer distance from Skalia.

The Stimenia cave is in the northeast side of Vathys Valley, in St. Nicholas region. Not too far from there, in the northwest side of the valley, there are two more caves, the findings of which indicate their residential use in the distant past.

Choiromantres Cave is located on the south slope of Pothia, below the monastery of Agioi Pantes (All Saints).

The Agia Varvara cave took its name from the church situated nearby, on the hill of Troutsoulas.

For the more experienced explorers we recommend the relatively inaccessible- Daskalio cave in Vathys village, which you will access after taking off some carved steps.

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