Choco – Chocolate and Coffee

///Choco – Chocolate and Coffee

Choco – Chocolate and Coffee

Choco began its operation in October 2013 barely a narrow alley of Kalymnos. In a unique space, we are waiting every day with wonderful original flavors that will fascinate you.

Indulge in the world of chocolate and subtle sense of our hot and cold beverages, as well as the excellent coffee blends of Milanese house Portioli. The coffee lovers espresso Portioli with rich creamy texture will travel you in a unique place sensations and pleasures. 15 teas and other 35 cold or hot chocolate will give your palate a unique feel.

Handmade, spicy, spicy chocolate bars. Plates with flavors of mint, yogurt, stevia, coffee, roses. Sweet treats from fresh ingredients Belgian pralines, ice cream and fluffy biscuits in rich flavors, sweets and candies. That looking at delicacy will find in Choco.

Fresh nuts and spicy snacks, dried fruits and super foods. Featured products at unbeatable prices!

In our shop the old successor to the new with roots in traditional Kefalonian recipes known distilleries, our liqueurs overwhelm the senses with fragrant aromas and flavors that sweeten the palate. The luxurious appearance of these, make them an excellent choice for an impressive gift.

Also for lovers of wine recommend Armenian wine in various fermentation fruit and wines from Greek family businesses worth trying even the most demanding connoisseur.

Visit our warm and hospitable, courteous and helpful staff will welcome you ready to meet your culinary needs.


Contact information

Christos Kalymnos 85200

Tel: 2243059910