Kefalas Cave

In Kefalas cave you will be impressed by the imposing, 103 meters long, hallway with the huge stalactites and stalagmites. You will also be able to see traces of the worship of Zeus, which is the reason why the cave bears the alternative name 'Cave of Zeus'. It is located near Pothia, beyond the Monastery of [...]

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Epta Parthenon (Seven Virgins) Cave

The Epta Parthenon (Seven Virgins) cave is located in the region Flaskas. It was named after the legendary seven virgins who hid into the cave in an attempt to escape from a pirate attack, but they never returned back to their castle. Various offerings and archaeological findings have been discovered within the cave, while inside there [...]

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Skalia Cave

The Skalia cave - or St. John's cave - is located in Massouri, at about one kilometer distance from Skalia. It includes natural stalactites in strange formations and is considered relatively steep, so you should be quite careful when visiting. Its impressive decor will leave you mesmerized nonetheless.

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Stimenia Cave

The Stimenia cave is in the northeast side of Vathys Valley, in St. Nicholas region. Not too far from there, in the northwest side of the valley, there are two more caves, the findings of which indicate their residential use in the distant past.  The Stimenia cave has a hole on its top that serves as [...]

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Choiromantres Cave

Choiromantres Cave is located on the south slope of Pothia, below the monastery of Agioi Pantes (All Saints). Neolithic findings and shells which date up to the early Christian era were discovered within and around the cave. Their presence testifies to the continuous habitation and the ritual use of site. Unfortunately, the form of the cave [...]

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Daskalio Cave

For the more experienced explorers we recommend the relatively inaccessible- Daskalio cave in Vathys village, which you will access after taking off some carved steps.   The most important Prehistoric discoveries come from the site of Daskalio which consists of one main chamber (25 x 12 m). Neolithic tools and the late minoan-age pottery found in [...]

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Castle Of Chora Or Great Castle

The Castle of Chora or Great Castle or Paleochora is one of the most famous attractions in Kalymnos. It is situated in the place where ancient Pothia once resided and it is considered as the medieval capital of Kalymnos. The castle takes its final form in 1495 and it is inhabited continuously until 1812 . Gradually, [...]

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Castle Of Chrisocheria Or Pera Castle

Midway between Chora and Pothia you will find the Pera Castle or Castle of Chrisocheria, which is one of the most famous sights in the island. Situated at a strategic point, on the top of a natural hill, this castle helped Kalymnians to easily monitor Chora and Pothia. The castle was constructed during the Knights' dominion. [...]

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Kasteli Castle

The natural division of the Kastelli hill into two different levels was wonderfully exploited by the Kalymnians, who built a Byzantine fortress in this beautiful area in order to control the sea passage between Kalymnos and Telendos. The strategically positioned fortress was being in use until the 10th century AD, and until then it provided the [...]

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This is a private museum, a life's work of Valsamidis brothers, who were born and live in Kalymnos. Their love for the sea and the willingness to share its joys and wealth with other people, lead them build this museum with enormous personal effort and enthusiasm. The result of their work will impress you. The findings, [...]



"KALYMNIKO SPITI" (Kalymnian house) is an individual effort to preserve and promote the Kalymnian traditional way of life in the last century ! Spending lots of time and resources , Mrs Faneromeni achieved to collect these items from all over the island of Kalymnos , to record stories , experiences , knowledge and present them in [...]

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The Maritime Museum of Kalymnos was founded in 1994. It presents the naval tradition, history and methods of the sponge catching, along with many artifacts from ancient shipwrecks. In its four rooms you will see objects related to the profession of sponge catching and sponge processing. In the Maritime Museum you will learn the diving techniques [...]

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Archeological Museum of Kalymnos

Built in Pothia, in the center of the island's capital, the new Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos was launched in 2009 and hosts ever since the "Lady of Kalymnos." This great work of Hellenistic bronze sculpture depicts a woman with her body covered with a fringed tunic and a robe. It emerged unexpectedly from the Kalymnian sea [...]

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Kalymnos Beaches

Kantouni beachPosition : Northwest Access : Easy-Road Network Type : Long sandy beach Sunbeds : No Restaurants: Yes Accommodation : Yes Local Bus access : Yes    Arginonta beachPosition : Northwest Access : Easy-Road Network Type : Pebble  Sunbeds :Yes  Restaurants : Yes Accommodation : Yes  Local Bus access:Yes  Akti beach Position : Southeast  Access : Road Network  Type : Sandy,pebble Sunbeds : No  Restaurants : Yes  Accommodation : No  Local Bus access: No    Vathy-Rina [...]

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Easter In Kalymnos

Easter in Kalymnos an Unforgettable Experience. The preperations on the island for Easter begin several weeks before. Everybody cleans, scrubs, swabs, colours and plants his house as much as possible so as to be ready for this wonderful festival. There are a lot of events during the holy week and especially the last three days. [...]

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Useful Phone Numbers

Emergency phone numbers Hospital Emergency: (0030) 22433 61931,Ambulance: (0030) 22430 22166 Police (0030) 22430 22100, (0030) 22430 29301 Fire Brigade (0030) 22430 22222 Climbing Rescue Team (0030) 6972236147, (0030) 6977639090, (0030) 6974380803 Transportation info Taxi telephone center (0030) 22430 50300 Municipal Transportation (0030) 22430 51760 Piraeus Port (0030) 210 414-7800 Blue Star Ferries (0030) 210 8919800 [...]

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Getting To Kalymnos

From Europe with cheap flights You can visit Kos with cheap flights with many budget airlines and then use the small ferries from Mastihari to reach Kalymnos. For more details about flights you can visit here. From Kos island, via Mastichari. An easy way to get to Kalymnos is to fly [...]

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Kalymnos general information

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION : Dodecanese islands(between the islands of Kos and Leros ) POPULATION : 19,000 (3rd in the Dodecanese) JUST A FEW WORDS Known worldwide for its sponges (also known as the sponge island)and divers with the sale of sponges still be one of the key resources in the economy of the island until today. Generally the island [...]

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