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Manias Fish tavern

About Manias fish Tavern Kalymnos is the stories of our grandmother, the duggers, the wild seas, the sponges, the mythical divers of Captain Drosos, who at the end were always safe and innocuous. Kalymnos is the ultimate beauty, the tradition in all its splendor with natural wealth being perfectly integrated into a place well preserved by [...]

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Palionissos Cantina “Mpakalogatos”

A hidden treasure for those who love the crystal clear waters and freshly made seefood! When you visit Palionissos you have to stop at "Mpakalogatos" cantina right on the beach. The owners Sakis and Sotiria will welcome you and be happy to assist you with whatever you need. Ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner this place will be [...]

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Seafood At Kalymnos

Without a question Kalymnos is a well hidden seafood paradise of the Aegean! A must for every visitor is tasting the fresh seafood from local taverns across the island and Telendos. Don't forget to taste the fresh grilled octopus, the fried kalamari, fried sardines, fresh fishes, shrimp saganaki, fried octopus meatballs and many more always along [...]

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Azul wine gallery

A cozy place with amazing views and access to the sea. Musical performance that travels, fine Greek wine and local delicacies, coffee and refreshing drinks for all times, in conjunctionwith the art gallery compose a unique setting! The Gallery displays works of painter Joan Athanasiou and hosted exhibitions by other artists. Don't miss the amazing cocktails with the freshest ingredients!!!

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Choco – Chocolate and Coffee

Choco began its operation in October 2013 barely a narrow alley of Kalymnos. In a unique space, we are waiting every day with wonderful original flavors that will fascinate you. Indulge in the world of chocolate and subtle sense of our hot and cold beverages, as well as the excellent coffee blends of Milanese house Portioli. [...]

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