View from Castle of Chrisocheria. Amazing!

Photo by Mikes Moha Lampos.

Photo by Mikes Moha Lampos. Thanks Mike for another great photo!

  • 23 September 2015

Kalymnos 2015

Amazing video by


4 pale Scots went to greece in search of some world class rock climbing, but found so much more! The island's 
incredible presence, locals, food, scenery, and adventurous opportunities make it one of my favourite destinations yet.

I hope this film will inspire you to check it out, you won't regret it!

A massive thank you to everybody who helped me out during this long project, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Nerdy Stuff:
Panasonic GH4 14-140mm f3.5
GoPro H3+ Black
Benro Aero 2 tripod
Glidgear 60cm slider

Adobe Premier
Adobe After Effects
Lumetri Looks

The Send - Climbing topos donated all the profits from the sale of the Kalymnos climbing topo app last year (approximately 1000eur)

After the coldest, rainiest, windiest winter in recent memory, the weather in Kalymnos has done an about-face and now the sun shines bright and (too) warm. The season seems to start off with lots of climbers, Masouri is out of hibernation and a couple of new mini-markets and restaurants have popped up, though not much else has changed. But there’s also really good news on the rebolting front this year. 
The good news is that funding for an official rebolting project has been approved and will be implemented in Kalymnos later this year. After many years of emergency route maintenance done by volunteers, this year funding through a proper EU program will be provided via a local contractor to use primarily towards route rebolting and additionally toward some new routing. Works will start in the summer and must be completed by the end of the year. Overseeing the project will be Aris Theodoropoulos alongside a team of other qualified, experienced equippers, including members of theKalymnos Rescue Service.
For the record, the last official rebolting program was nearly five years ago, so to say it’s long overdue is an understatement. This year’s rebolting program is described in more detail below.
The specifics
The Kalymnos rebolting project comes with the following specifications:
• 2400 stainless-steel glue-in bolts (316L, 12mm) are to be used for rebolting existing routes
• 400 V-type anchors with two opposed carabiners are to replace older lower-offs
• 580 carabiners are to be placed on anchors without carabiners or used to replace worn carabiners
• 100 new routes are to be equipped using stainless-steel bolts (316L, 12mm) and V-type anchors with two opposed carabiners
• Some roadside crag markers/signposts will be added
• All parts of the rebolting/equipping program must be completed by the end of 2015.

Thinking long-term
No doubt this rebolting program is a very good thing for Kalymnos, but it will only help to rebolt about 10% of the total routes. And the fact is that funds for rebolting are almost non-existent. Now, more than ever, we must work for the longevity of Kalymnos; besides correcting the routes in need, future climbing development must be done the right way to ensure that Kalymnos remains one of the safest family climbing destinations in the world.
To this end, a collaboration is underway between the Greek Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, the Hellenic Mountain Guides Association and Climb Kalymnos, to put together a set of official guidelines for equipping sport routes all over Greece. They will be largely based on these principles. The goal is to provide some structure and quality control, because when new routing is left completely unchecked, as it has been over the last few years, many new routes in Greece and Kalymnos end up poorly-protected or equipped with inappropriate materials which become corroded after a matter of months or a couple of years (i.e. homemade bolts, bolts with no certification or bolts by unreliable manufacturers, to name a few). Effective sometime next year, this set of guidelines will be proposed for all new sport routes in Greece. Perhaps not a perfect solution, but in the absence of funds and resources for rebolting it is a step in the right direction.
Starting with the Kalymnos rebolting project this year is something of a transition, the goal being to “tidy up” as many existing routes as possible and to slow down haphazard new routing. So if you were planning to equip new routes on Kalymnos this year, may we suggest that you put your new routes on hold and devote your time to checking your older routes instead. If their materials, bolting or cleaning need improvement, please correct them.
Not everybody will agree; but to those who do, we would like to say that everybody involved in route maintenance, rebolting and rescue on Kalymnos greatly appreciates your understanding and cooperation.



A rescue team in Kalymnos was the subject of many conversations in the past, initiated mostly by climbers and locals which are familiar with the advantages and benefits of this factor in the sport climbing industry that blooms in Kalymnos.

Climbing and especially in Kalymnos is considered very safe, compared with placed like Thailand (rusty and spaced bolts in most cases). In the safety of the climbing venues in Kalymnos also contributes the fact that the routes are maintained by the local community in regular basis.

Despite the efforts to make Kalymnos the safest climbing venue possible, we can't exclude the human factor, which is to blame in the most cases, when accidents occur. The rescue team gives to Kalymnos an important safety badge!

The rescue team operates since 2014 and consists of 6 volunteer climbers and 14 volunteers that are trained to assist them. They are trained to approach the climbing crags with or without the use of rope and can provide the necessary first aid if needed.

If anyone needs the help of kalymnos Rescue team he has to call 112 and the rescue team will be alerted.

We at kalymnos Bookings wish all the best for their hard job and difficulties they have to face.

Amazing video by Jan Novak on Vimeo.

Event Details

For the first time in Greece it is held the annual meeting of UIAA medical committee and combined with high level conference in altitude medicine and first aid & rescue in mountains. Kalymnos island is one of the most interesting places around the world for climbing. The speakers will be coming from all over the world and we hope the participants will have the chance to collect valuable and expertised information and be inspired for climbing mountains. Check below for contact information, also you check the map on the end of this webpage for a map with the exact location of the hotel. Use the left side slider to zoom in and out of the map. 


Event Schedule

1st day (Saturday, 30 May)

Technical Meeting of UIAA MEDCOM.

2nd day (Sunday, 31 May)

Mountain Medicine Conference.

3rd day (Monday, 01 June)

First Aid Courses. 


Contact Information

For information and more details about the conference you can contact me here. The conference will be hosted by the hotel ELIES which is located at Panormos, Kalymnos, Greece. There is a special room type for MEDCOM members for reservations which you can see in the hotel ELIES website under the name of “UIAA Medical Commission”. You can contact the hotel using the information listed below or you can navigate through their website here. (+30) 2243047890


Event Location

Kalymnos, the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese Group is widely known as an international sponge-harvesting trade center. After WW II, Kalymnos remained the only Greek island engaged in the sea sponge-harvesting activity, supplying domestic as well as foreign markets. Thanks to its unique geomorphology, Kalymnos is a tourist destination known worldwide for offeringalternative vacations and activities such as climbing, scuba diving, mountain hiking and spelunking, a true paradise for passionate action-lovers!





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