Museums in Kalymnos

Archaeological museum

This beautiful museum began operating in 2009 and its worth to visit. Marble sculptures and statues, fine pottery, coins, jewelry, icons and manuscripts from the Byzantine era and a huge statue of Asclepius are all placed there and waiting to be admired. The statue "Lady of Kalymnos' is the most known finding for the visitors due to the fact that it was found by a Kalymnian fisherman .

Telephone number for information: +30-22430-23113




Maritime Museum

Began operating in 1994.At the museum you can sea and learn about the island's seafaring tradition, history and methods of sponge fishing .Also if you visit the museum you'll see many artifacts from the wrecks of ancient ships as well as articles on the profession of sponge and sponge treatment.

Telephone number for information: +30-22430-51361



Folklore Museum- Kalymnian House

A Museum separated in rooms with parts and objects showing the culture from the old Kalymnian households.
The most admirably parts of the house are the arch (the bride's bedroom), the kitchen ,the room of kneading and washing and also the bed (family elevated bed).
If you visit the museum will definitely go back in time.

Telephone number for information : +30-22430-51635



Maritime Museum Finds - Valsamidis Collection

This is a private collection of a family named Valsamidi .
All visitors can admire a large collection of fish, shells, shellfish, starfish, corals, sharks, turtles and all kinds of sponges The museum also operates a shop where you can buy sponges, corals and shells.

Telephone for information and hours of operation: +30-22430-50435

Vouvalis Mansion

The Vouvalis Mansion converted into a museum in 1982 and it is a typical example of neoclassical architecture in Kalymnos. There is available for the visitors the office of Nicholas Vouvalis with exhibits relating to the business owner. The second room open to the public is the dining room with family portraits, works of the Kalymnian painter Economou and at last there is the mezzanine lounge, with its distinctive furnishings and rich decor of the era. The mansion is just a few steps from the Archaeological Museum.


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